Cricket and Its Health Benefits

Cricket originated in England, evolving from various country games involving a club and ball. The first documentary evidence shows that cricket, rather than club ball, was played in Guildford, Surrey, England as early as 1550. It was popular in Kent, Sussex and Surrey, all of which are still keen cricketing counties today.

Cricket is now a popular team sport in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, The West Indies, Sri Lanka and of course England, but not so much in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Cricket is a team sport involving two teams of 11 players and a bat and ball. Competitive cricket is played on a field, sometimes called an Oval. The batting team is represented on the field by two batsmen, one of whom defends the wicket. The opposing team is represented by the bowler and the rest of the team fielding. A game can last a few hours or may be played over few days.

However, informal cricket, played just for enjoyment, is played in gardens, backyards, in parks, in the street or on the beach. A few friends, a bat and ball and something resembling a wicket are all that is necessary for an enjoyable informal game. Those wanting a more competitive or regular game would be well advised to join a local cricket club.

The Health Benefits Gained From Playing Cricket

Playing cricket requires players to be fit, strong and limber. Cricket develops hand-eye co-ordination and ball handling skills. Batsmen must run between wickets, fielders must run to stop balls and throw the ball and bowlers must bowl.
The health benefits gained from playing cricket are:

  • The building of endurance and stamina
  • Improvements in balance, co-ordination and fitness
  • Improvements in hand-eye co-ordination

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The Other Benefits of Playing Cricket

Playing cricket also helps players to learn to be part of a team and it helps to develop social skills such as co-operating with others, communication skills and coping with victory and defeat as well as being a way to meet people and to widen a person’s social circle. Cricket is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. There are many local clubs and there is sure to be one in the local area. If you do not want to play cricket umpires and scorers are always in demand at local cricket clubs.

Costs and Necessary Equipment

Those wanting to play competitive cricket will need to join a cricket club and pay membership and other fees. Most cricket clubs require that players wear cricket “whites” trousers, shirts and a sweater, if you are playing in England, and shoes with spikes for playing in matches.

Avoiding Injury and Illness When Playing Cricket

Players should drink water before, during and after playing, particularly when playing in download (1)sunny, hot conditions. Players should wear a good protective sunscreen, sunglasses and a suitable sunhat, when playing, even if the sky appears cloudy. As with any exercise, players should carry out warm up, stretching and cooling down exercises to avoid muscle strain and injuries.A good playing technique and plenty of practice helps players to avoid playing injuries.

Fast bowlers, especially young or unfit players should not bowl too many ‘overs’. Batspersons should wear gloves, leg pads, and arm guards. Men and boys should also wear a box. Whether wicket keeping, batting or fielding, some players in some countries also wear cricket helmets with faceguards. Footwear should be professionally fitted.

Playing cricket brings many health benefits as well as many social benefits. It gets people active in both a physical and social way. It is also a game which teaches and reinforces the importance of social skills and it gets players out in the open air on beautiful cricket grounds. Cricket is a healthy, social and instructive sport for men, women, boys and girls.